Preventive maintenance is intended for maintenance of equipment or facilities by conducting inspections and repairs to ensure their proper functioning and reliability. Preventive maintenance is performed on equipment in working condition, as opposed to corrective maintenance, in which the equipment that stopped functioning correctly is repaired or put back in working condition.

Preventive maintenance can be performed by scheduled maintenance, where revisions are performed by time, mileage, hours of operation.

We maintain electrical generators, compressors, transformers and have a scheduled visitation service for customers.

Our staff is trained and ready to handle any kind of emergency and provide the best service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have any problems with your power generation equipment, do not hesitate to contact our technical team at any time.

Maintenance and repair in general standard generators with automatic transfer. Assembly, adaptations and refurbishment.

• Maintenance of windings and combustion engines.

• Rewinding, repair and replacement of components that ensure the smooth running of your generator set. Board installation manual and automatic transfer.

• Boards synchronism Parallelism and large-sized generator sets.

General maintenance and repair of air compressors alternative type piston with tank or direct air and screw compressors.

• Repair and replacement of components, changing filters and oil, in addition to the support and preventive maintenance of your screw compressor.

General maintenance and repair of power distribution transformers, single-phase and three-phase.

• Rewinding coils of medium and low voltage, oil change, measuring resistance and dielectric strength.

• All types of repair and replacement of components that ensure the smooth operation of your transformer.

Technical assistance:

• All claims of all products sold by Cal Power.

• Do you have a problem with your equipment? Schedule an appointment here.

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